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Javier Torija

Javier Torija is a Spanish artist born in Guadalajara in 1982. In 2008 he moved his residence to Zaragoza, where he began his creative activity in different areas.
As the author defines it, his source of inspiration was found in a revealing dream, with the appearance of an image of an Andalusian brunette woman. He decides to make his dream come true, by creating a series of works generally named "Mis Gitanas" (My Gypsies).
Javier uses acrylics and reproduces bright eyed, modern, fresh and joyful soul gypsies, breaking the topic of a more conservative Sevilian woman but without losing their traditional characteristics, like the flowers, the rose pinned to her hair, and the typical Andalusian costume.
Mis Gitanas are colourful paintings where the figures and shapes are shown without their shadow, and the charming characters flirt with the observer who receives a blink of complicity.
Another of the author’s favourite themes is the bull-fighting world, showing very masculine bull-fighters representing an ambiguous behaviour. He paints individuals dressed-up with tight bull-fighter’s suits that allow us to intuitively recognise their virility.
Javier Torija´s creations are now shown in his webpage, where apart from his traditional paintings, Mis Gitanas are reproduced in bags and shoes, also "trapped" by the bright colours, the wink and the magic of Mis Gitanas. And this is only the beginning...

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